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Affinity Photo and Capture One Reviews. Update

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Just in case you’ve been reading my Twitter feed, I thought I would give you a longer brief on the upcoming reviews for Affinity Photo and Capture One photo editing software. This will be an advanced overview on these two products, as I’m going to be evaluating these two products for serious use in my own studio work-flow. Hopefully, this will also be of benefit to others who may also be interested in a deeper look at what these two programmes have to offer. In the meantime, why not try a trial version of both these highly regarded alternatives to Photoshop and Lightroom yourself? You can  find, and follow, a few basic tutorials on line to get you started, and I’ll post an in depth review, with sample images, soon. These two excellent programmes can be found here at Affinity Photo and at Capture One



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You can also purchase a workbook from Serif/Affinity which aims to make you an Affinity Photo Master.  Purchase Book Here

Mind and check back at the beginning of May 2019 for the updated reviews.


Because of the recent changes to both of these programmes from the previous versions. I have since purchased Affinity Photo and now use Capture One for editing my RAW Fuji images, as I had noticed that both of these excellent programmes seemed to have extra fine detail in the RAW images over Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Since Adobe released their updates in early 2019 and added further RAW adjustment for Fuji RAW, the Capture One and Affinity Photo are still better, in my opinion. Photoshop was always able to edit Fuji RAW, they just needed subtler enhancement than my Nikon RAW files, for example. Too many people were over sharpening the images and introducing artifacting due to their lack of understanding the differences in the various RAW formats. This position is not helped by camera manufacturers and the software companies. Too little, to scant information still exists. I will be covering this in a later blog post.

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