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James N. Gillan Photography Portrait I’m presently designing this new web site to replace my old site after, nearly, 10 years of it’s existence. Who says I’m not quick to react to commercial change! Apologies to those clients who liked looking at their images on there, but, there will be a new archive feature on the new site with many of the old images to be found there.
I normally wouldn’t put up a new website till it’s fully completed, but the options were to leave the old one (which wasn’t suited to blogging), leave no website in place (not good for people needing my contact details), so this compromise solution is the best at the moment.

The larger photograph of the portrait shot (above) was taken using Courtney 1000 watt heads and a soft box above the models face (classic position), and then the light was focused very tightly on her face using barn doors in the vertical position. I used a very shallow depth of field and one of my vintage lenses to complete this very flattering, soft look.

The photograph (at left), is from an assignment in Thailand, and was part of a brochure shoot for a travel blog, plus I got time to spend a glorious three weeks there and also had time to visit Singapore and Vietnam.

More images, reviews and videos to come, I’m busy firing on all cylinders!

Until next time, James N. Gillan


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