Fuji XH-1 Camera with screenshot



Boudoir Example

Portrait Image
Portrait Image

Some images of past and present work, plus review images of tested software and the test photos, all in separate Galleries for you to look at.

Test footage will be also be available in larger file sizes, including RAW, where this forms part of any review.

You’re welcome to post any feedback, and your own thoughts on the software and hardware I use in my reviews (or indeed any other aspect of the website), all intelligent, and polite, replies will be responded to.

I will be including many images taken with my various phones over the years, as often, that’s the only ‘camera’ I have with me! This is also a useful idea, because it let’s us see how phone cameras are improving over the years. Please post in the comments section on whether you think this is a good idea or not. Many people I’ve been speaking to think this is an excellent idea, as many younger people in particular, want to see this.



Fuji XH-1 Camera with screenshot
My Fuji XH-1 Pro


More images from the same photo shoot.

Boudoir Session Images
Boudoir Session

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