James N. Gillan - Professional photographer
James N. Gillan

I’ve worked as a professional photographer for over 33 years, with two photographic studios in Scotland. I’m now semi-retired, and looking to move into other areas of photography that, because of my busy wedding schedule, I didn’t get a chance to fulfil. So, with the aim of doing other kinds of photography, as well as still continuing with my wedding and portrait work (taking less bookings than previously though), as I’m going to focus more on travel and landscape assignments.

I used Nikon 35mm film cameras for most of my professional life, and in the days of film, I also used Mamiya medium format (with the Nikon as back up), these were used for both portrait and wedding work. Later, when digital came along I swapped to Fuji digital cameras including the S1, S2 and the S5 PRO which I still own!

I’ve now sold all my medium format and some Nikon gear (except some lenses), and have been using the Fuji X Series as my main camera system, including the Fuji XH-1 which I love, for the past few years.



Wedding Image
Wedding Image

I also use a lot of vintage lenses including Voightlander, Zeiss and Canon lenses for all my current work on the Fuji and Nikon D850 camera bodies. These lenses, along with my three favourite Fuji XF lenses (more on that later), will form the hardware basis of my software reviews (see elsewhere on the website), including my reviews on Adobe software alternatives. I use Capture One and Affinity Photo for my main studio editing, and on the go I tend to use lighter programmes that I can use on my Windows 10 laptop, or my iPad, when I’m working away from the studio.

Portrait Image
Portrait Image

My studio lighting is mainly Elinchrome and portable (nearly!), Bowens heads. I’m looking at adding Godox, truly portable, systems. I’ll be reviewing these lights in another review so watch out for that.

My social life is taken up by visiting my family and grandchildren (and great-grandchildren!), my eldest daughter is also a professional photographer, living and working in Texas, in the USA. I hope to be doing some joint reviews with her in the near future.

My work has introduced to to so many lovely people over the years, and  that’s a large part of the appeal of being a professional photographer, and I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many International Trade Shows, including Las Vegas and across Europe.

I look forward to meeting many more of you in the coming years I have left, as this has been a lifelong passion, and I don’t intend stopping until I have to. Keep on making those memories.








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